Kearny Elementary School Renovation

Santa Fe, NM


Kearny Elementary is an established neighborhood school in Santa Fe originally built in the 1960s. Completed in three phases, this project included the renovation and upgrade of existing spaces, additional classroom capacity, and improved visibility and safety at the front entrance. The new security vestibule uses an electronic locking system to secure the school during learning hours.

Teaching walls, interactive learning boards and projection, and new wall and floor finishes were used consistently throughout the school. The use of daylight and better temperature and acoustic performance was achieved in the new and renovated spaces. Site renovation included improvements to roof/site drainage, pedestrian routes to the playground, and routing water away from pedestrian routes to site drainage systems. The Kearny entry is now at the drop-off area and responded to a 5’ vertical change in elevation.

Santa Fe Public Schools
Team Members
Jeff Seres
27,065 sf