Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle Community School
Avanyu Plaza
UNM Valencia Workforce Training Center
NDI New Mexico
Hotel Parq Central
New Mexico Scientific Laboratories
Las Cruces City Hall

Studio Southwest Architects collaborates with clients and team members on sustainable and functional designs that elevate New Mexico and the surrounding communities. From transformative development projects to student-centered education spaces, we design solutions for a better tomorrow.



Studio SW provides architecture and planning services to New Mexico and the surrounding area. We help our clients achieve their project goals through collaborative design and stringent project management.

civil engineering


Our in-house services have expanded to include Civil Engineering. We are commitment to providing our clients with integrated solutions for all their building and infrastructure needs.


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Our team is comprised of professional architects, designers, and 3D visualization artists. Creativity and collaboration are key features of our design approach.

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Our Values

We believe architecture is an artful expression of the human experience.

Studio SW fosters a culture where respect is the cornerstone of all our endeavors, where teamwork serves as a unifying force, and where sustainability is our enduring responsibility. We are dedicated to achieving design excellence that seamlessly combines beauty and purpose in all that we do. We embrace growth as a mindset, constantly evolving and striving for excellence.

Respect is fundamental to all things. We embody respect in all that we do, fostering a culture of clear and regular communication, not only in supporting the work/life balance of our staff but also in our considerate interactions with colleagues, consultants, and clients.

Teamwork is a unifying force. In our collaborative design studio, dependability and clear expectations are the cornerstones of our philosophy, ensuring that teamwork thrives and flourishes.

Sustainability is a responsibility for life. We are a member of the AIA 2030 Commitment and vow to utilize our in-house design process to produce well performing spaces. As environmental stewards, we strive to educate our clients and consultants about best practices whenever possible.

Design Excellence creates beauty and purpose. Through collaborative charrettes, we craft award-winning architecture that seamlessly integrates innovative and adaptable design solutions to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

Growth is a mindset that we embrace. We love exploring innovations in architecture and encourage staff to continue learning. Being aspirational, staying open to new ideas, and exploring professional development opportunities is critical to developing careers.