Sustainability. Stewardship. Leadership.
Bringing awareness and thoughtful Design to intersectional sustainability.

Studio Southwest Architects’ in-house sustainability practices have evolved to include a holistic approach to intersectional sustainability. This approach is centered around five value categories: energy, climate, well-being, outreach, and resilience.  We feel that every project should respond to as many of these values as possible. Through discussion with our clients, the Studio Southwest Architects team is able to identify goals and integrate issues of social equity and resilience wherever possible.

With a history of applying sustainable design practices as a matter of course, Studio Southwest Architects now promotes it as a matter of urgency.

AIA 2030 Commitment – the path to carbon neutrality

By joining the AIA 2030 Commitment, Studio Southwest Architects pairs their firm values with accountability, and adds their voice to the larger conversation of global conservation. The AIA 2030 Commitment is a nation-wide initiative that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated by the built environment. This initiative has gained momentum amongst New Mexico AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) firms and is indicative of a future baseline for design and construction.

Sustainability Resources:


LEED Certified Projects








National Hispanic Cultural   |  GOLD

New Mexico School For The Deaf Connor Hall  |  GOLD

New Mexico Rehabilitation Center – Roswell  |  GOLD

Santa Fe Community College – Health Science Center  |  GOLD

Albuquerque Public Schools – Highland High School – Figge Hall  |  GOLD

Hotel Andaluz  |  GOLD

Onate Elementary Classroom Building  |  GOLD

Onate Elementary School Kindergarten  |  GOLD

New Mexico Highlands University – Felix Martinez  |  GOLD

New Mexico Highlands University – Student Union Building  |  GOLD

Los Alamos County Municipal Center  |  GOLD

Manzano High School Athletic Facility  |  GOLD

Sandia National Laboratories – Battery Test Facility  |  GOLD

New Mexico Scientific Laboratory  |  SILVER

New Mexico State University Gardiner Hall  |  SILVER

Las Cruces City Hall  |  SILVER

Sigler Wholesale And Distributing Warehouse  |  SILVER

Wesst Corp Enterprise Center  |  SILVER

Dilcon Community School  |  SILVER

New Mexico School for the Deaf – Dillon Hall Historic Renovation  |  SILVER

New Mexico State University/New Mexico Department of Agriculture: Agricultural Center  |  SILVER

South Valley Academy  |  SILVER


Albuquerque Fire Training Academy  |  CERTIFIED