Navigating A Career in Architecture and Design

Interested in meeting the next generation of architects paving the way at Studio Southwest Architects? Let’s explore the journey of Parker, who’s been shaping spaces for five years at the firm, wearing the hats of both Intern Architect III and Project Manager. Parker’s love for architecture began early, tinkering with his grandfather on playhouses. After completing degrees in architecture at UNM, he kicked off his career with a Santa Fe real estate developer, immersing himself in construction administration for three years.

In 2018, Parker made the leap to Studio Southwest, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective. Here, he not only continues to learn but also takes on leadership roles, collaborating on education and government/civil projects throughout the state of New Mexico.



Parker strategically places canned goods on a model during a CANstruction build day, helping lead the team to success.


So, what makes Studio Southwest stand out as a great firm to grow and develop as a budding architect? For Parker, it’s all about “design excellence and collaboration.” Egos take a backseat here, with everyone focused on what’s best for the project. Parker thrives in this environment of constant learning, where each team member offers support as needed, switching seamlessly between mentorship and learning roles depending on the task at hand.

One of the firm’s unique aspects is its diverse project portfolio, ensuring designers aren’t confined to a single building type. Parker’s time at Studio Southwest allowed him the opportunity to tackle projects of all scales, from small structures to expansive school campuses and extensive casino renovations. And what’s cool is that he gets to see projects through from start to finish. That means from the first client meeting to the final ribbon-cutting ceremony, he’s there every step of the way.

For Parker, the essence of architecture lies in its impact on people and communities. It’s about creating spaces that inspire and uplift. Whether it’s designing a school or revitalizing a community hub, Parker and the Studio Southwest team are committed to making a lasting and sustainable impact.

With Parker and his team leading the charge, the future of architecture looks brighter than ever.