10 Things to Gift an Architect for Valentines Day

10 things more meaningful than your typical Valentines day gifts

We’ve all been there. Asking our self what we should give our SO for Valentines this year. Do you stick with the usual flowers & chocolates combo? A case of their favorite beer? A fancy dinner date somewhere?
While these are all still viable options and it’s truly the thought that counts; we’ve composed a list of items and DIY projects for those who want to step out of the gifting-comfort-zone and do something more unique for the special architect in your life.

  1. This classic architecture mug
    While it may seem kitchy to some, this mug is a staple for anyone studying or practicing architecture. Perfect for students and new architects alike.
  2. A DIY terrarium. *
    For those who like to give something handmade, a terrarium can be a great option while helping to brighten up their design space.
    *Can be made from artificial succulents for those who have low-light offices, or a possible kid-friendly craft session. 
  3. An architecture inspired bird-feeder.
    Help them add a bit of quirkiness and style to the backyard. Guaranteed to be a hit at your next bbq.
  4. A DIY Pencil Holder. *
    Perfect for the architect who has a pen for every need. Help them keep organized with a personal touch.
    *Kid-friendly option.
  5. This LEGO Guggenheim Museum.*
    Whether they’re still a kid at heart, or they want to build something for a change, this is the perfect gift.
    *Kid-friendly option.
  6. A DIY Sawhorse desk.
    Spruce up that home office and help inspire their creative juices with this sawhorse-style desk.
  7. A custom business card holder.
    Whether it’s a purse, briefcase or suit pocket, everyone deserves a snazzy way to organize their business cards.
  8. This t-shirt. 
    Not just any t-shirt, this t-shirt. Combining the Sandia Mountains, the ABQ skyline and our beloved Zia all in one – who could ask for more?
  9. Architecture inspired wall art. 
    Upgrade their wall art game with some architectural flare.
  10. This cocktail book.
    The perfect design begins with a blueprint and a dream, and your cocktail should start the same way.