An ode to our beloved office dog

Our favorite OD, you are so sweet
Where would we be with out our Petunia to greet? 
You wag and you bark, and beg for treats 
And all day long you are so sweet 
You shower us with tricks galore
And give us a break from the day-to-day bore


If you’ve ever stopped by our office, chances are you were greeted by our office dog, Petunia. A sweet, black and white pup with quite a personality and an affinity for getting all kinds of treats from those around her.

From our office staff who enjoy the excitement and laughter she brings in daily, to her charismatic charm, she’ll never be lacking in love and treats from those around her. She lives her best life here, and occasionally works as a messenger delivering notes around our office via her collar.

Having a dog in the office has actually proved beneficial for stress reduction, employee retention, lower blood pressure, and reduced depression and obesity.

“Studies have demonstrated that pets in the workplace contribute to stress reduction, as well as employee teamwork and satisfaction. Employees who can bring their pets to work are also more productive,”
Steven Feldman, Executive director of the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation (HABRI)

Thank you, Petunia, for being you!