5 Pieces of Fatherly Advice

Want to hear a joke about paper?
Nevermind, it’s tearable.
Joke submitted by Danny S.

Father’s Day is marked for us to remember the man, the myth, and the legends that have helped raise us. They teach us how to be strong, have courage, and to make time for humor along the way. So here’s to you, dads – and all your classic jokes.


Danny Solares, father of 3
Piece of advice: When making decisions regarding your children always have a united front. Have your spouses back and they should have yours.


Steven Mattern, father of 2
Piece of advice: Parenthood is beautiful, profound & transcendent. It’s also exhausting, infuriating and profoundly challenging. For these reasons, it’s critical that your relationship with your spouse remains tended and nurtured. The challenges will test both parents to the core so maintaining a strong relationship is what will hold you altogether when the going gets rough, and it will. I remember our midwife said to us: “birds fly and babies cry.” This helped me to understand that it’s ok and doesn’t mean you’re necessarily doing anything wrong.

Michael Hendrigsman, father of 3
Piece of advice: If you want to be successful in life be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just make sure you learn from them.


Cameron Erdmann, father of 2
Piece of advice: Wait until you are around 30 years old before deciding to get married!  Keep your independence so you can get an education and get a career going; take time to do some traveling and experience some outdoor and foreign adventure, and take some time to experience personal freedom & living independently and get some experience living on your own terms and gaining daily life skills.  This will help build character and confidence in yourself and navigating daily life.

Jeremy Dreskin, father of 2
Piece of advice (for new dads): Is it going to matter a year from now? If not, don’t sweat it. And don’t forget to be patient.



“Any fool with a d!@k can have a baby, but only a real man can raise his children.” – Furious Styles, Boyz n the Hood