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BIA SW Regional Headquarters Bldg 2

Albuquerque, New Mexico


The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Southwest Regional Headquarters – Building 2 is the second phase of planned development on the 47 acre All Indian Pueblo Council (AIPC) development site. As with the BIA Southwest Regional Headquarters – Building 1 (also designed by Studio Southwest Architects), Building 2 is a high security facility that integrates with the master plan’s efforts to create a pedestrian friendly business campus.

Building 2 houses the Manuel Lujan Jr. Indian Training Center, one of the most advanced operational control data centers in the county. The Training Center provides flexible, dividable rooms, convenient access, and a robust network infrastructure for distance learning, teleconferences, and computer training within a high-security environment. Studio Southwest Architects worked closely with AIPC and the BIA to create an excellent, expandable technical/utilities infrastructure and a quality working environment.

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Team Members
Del Dixon
150,000 sf