Seba Dalkai Boarding School

Seba Dalkai, AZ

Seba Dalkai
Team Members
Del Dixon, Jeremy Dreskin
115,000 sf


This project is an 115,000 sf campus-style school encompassing over seven different building clusters on a 30-acre site 70 miles north of Winslow, AZ. The culturally-themed campus includes classrooms for grades K-12, an auditorium/multi-purpose building, student dormitory facilities, and staff housing which are arranged around a group of historic stone buildings.

The campus is designed in the shape of a large octagon, a sacred Navajo symbol derived from traditional Hogan architecture. The core school, including classrooms, science labs, media center, vocational training, administration, and Hogan-shaped “home rooms” are organized into a large octagon with a performance amphitheater in the center.

Planning of the project involved working closely with the school board, administration, teachers, students, and community leaders. The site arrangement reflects the concept of a village environment – paying homage to the past while providing a state-of-the art academic environment for Navajo students.